Comments from seminar participants (some gathered in anonymous surveys) and from coaching clients and manuscript editing clients:

At the start of Write to the Finish, I had only a vague notion that I’d like to write a novel. Nine months later, I had a finished draft of a manuscript that became The Wig In The Window, which will be published by HarperCollins Children’s in 2013. Sean and Tania not only are wise teachers and talented writers themselves, but they create a powerful sense of community to encourage aspiring writers when enthusiasm flags. If I hadn’t taken this course, I’d still be dreaming of maybe writing a novel one day. Now I’m embarking on a bona fide writing career.” Kristen Kittscher.


“Tania gave me exactly what I’d hoped for — a critique of my manuscript that was clear-eyed, straightforward, honest, thoughtful, intelligent, and constructive. I followed her suggestions, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.”
B.B. from New Mexico.

“I love working with Tania. She’s always encouraging, no matter what I present to her and that makes a huge difference – like adding yeast to bread. She has the ability to see the possibilities in the middle of a muddle and her suggestions for improvement are gentle. She’s generous with her comments and time. All that, coupled with specific help in the form of knowledge, experience, and resources makes her a wonderful coach and editor. She will leave you inspired and more committed than ever to your writing.” Robin A. Sheerer, award-winning author of Thrive: The Entrepreneurial Path to a Great Life and No More Blue Mondays.

“Tania Casselle was a very perceptive reader of my manuscript, very thorough and detail-oriented. Her questions, comments and suggestions were provocative and helped me probe into my character’s motivations. Her criticism was tough but fair and constructive. I felt much more confident as a writer and was able to quickly add valuable dimension to my work. I highly recommend Tania as a mentor / coach. Very inspirational.” M.D. in Houston, Texas.

“You set such a supportive, fun, yet down-to-business tone for the course [Write to the Finish], that I’m not at all surprised that so many of us achieved all we had set out to do.” “Tania and Sean are a great team: insightful, generous, funny and tough. This is one of the best workshops I’ve ever taken.”
“I loved, loved this course. I learned a tremendous amount, was extremely productive, and took courageous chances that paid off. One of the best courses I’ve ever taken.”


“Truly one of my best writing experiences ever!”
“Your enthusiasm for writers is infectious.”
“The support and input and critiques were the BEST.”
“It would still be a bunch of notes in a file if I had not taken Write to the Finish!”

“This course far surpassed my highest expectations… organized to perfection and completely comprehensive. Tania and Sean provide a safe supportive environment for writers of all levels to work together, share ideas and help each other to grow. They are unbeatable. If you are looking for an extraordinary writing experience, you have come to the right place.”

“I am so pleased that the Write to the Finish course gave me the opportunity to actually write the book I’ve been wanting to write.”

“At the start [of Write to the Finish] I had a hazy idea of what the book might cover. At the end, I had a 72,000 word first draft. The exercises, seminar weekends, advice from Sean and Tania, and support from the entire group, were the catalyst I needed. So thank you for helping me get there! I genuinely wouldn’t have done it without you.”


“I didn’t want it to end. It was such a remarkable and helpful experience… You challenged us, made us laugh and laughed with us, made us think, taught us ever new ways to feed the writing beast… A wild, wonderful literary ride that just kept getting better. The mentoring calls which provided individual guidance, nudging, support, encouragement, writing and editing tips were great. The sense of community, of being in a community of writers, was amazing.”

“I loved the support from the group and the direction from Sean and Tania… I will be returning to those lessons many times I’m sure. I was awed by your attention to each of us… Your generosity, kindness, and compassion are inspiring.” “From experience, I know the fine line a teacher must walk between encouragement and critique. Sean and Tania have both mastered the art of that balance. They bring real expertise, but also a sense of easy camaraderie to the group.”

“Tania & Sean make an amazing team & it’s wonderful to have both of their (sometimes different) perspectives on my work.”

“This course has deepened my writing experience and given me the sense that I’m not in this project entirely alone. My favorite part of the experience is your joint teaching style. I knew that you wanted me to “get it” and work hard and I knew that you would give me honest feedback, which is the only kind that counts. On top of the honesty though, is your own experience with the writing process and the publishing industry, so there is a bit of the sage in you two. Two generous sages in a unit, very willing to share what you’ve painstakingly learned and sticking to your high standards….a great combination.”

Literary Mama E-zine editor Jessica DeVoe Riley said, “I love Sean and Tania. They are so thorough in their writing guidance that I took their Write to the Finish course twice. They helped me finish my first novel and a nonfiction book proposal.” See the rest of Jessica’s Literary Mama review of Write to the Finish.

“I am thrilled I have my completed novel, a novel that I really like. I am confident I would have finished my novel had I not taken WttF, but I KNOW it is so much better, so much richer, on so many different levels, for my participation in this grand adventure.”

“This course far exceeded my expectations. Sean and Tania’s lessons and their feedback on our writings were incredibly thorough. They are masters at critique – critical in the best sense of the word. I learned so much!”

“Tania and Sean were awesome instructors. I’ve taken other online workshops, and compared to those (which were also good), Tania and Sean gave much more detailed feedback and helpful editing suggestions… I’m going away from the course with actionable steps that will help me take my stories to a new level.”

“Loved the writing exercises which I truly believe inspired and motivated my M.S. and my craft.”

“This worked better long distance than I ever thought it could.”

“I needed something like this to take me to the next level in my writing life — beyond writing practice, beyond dreaming. Committing to the time and the money (these were the biggest issues/challenges for me) and honoring my desire that I really want to write this story — also significant and important steps for me. I learned so much. I have definitely “graduated” in terms of my writing life. I know how important it is for me to have a writing community–now more than ever. THANK YOU!”

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