Writer Coaching Packages

If you want a manuscript review or editing, general coaching, or if you are looking for info on my online writing seminars, see my page on  Writing Seminars, Editing, and Coaching. I also offer two packages for writers.

My Get Fired Up coaching package is for fiction or nonfiction writers looking for individual coaching or consulting. My Query Letter Review package helps you with that important query letter to market your manuscript to agents or publishers.

Get Fired Up Coaching Package for Writers
This series of coaching sessions includes a critique of your fiction or nonfiction.

→  4 Coaching Session Phone Calls with me, up to 45 minutes each. These can be scheduled weekly, every two weeks, or further apart. I recommend no longer than four weeks because a writer tends to lose focus and momentum if the time between calls is too long. I can provide an MP3 recording of the calls for you to listen to again later, if you wish. Coaching calls include finding direction, setting specific goals/priorities, accountability, keeping on track, motivation, support and tips to help with your resistances/fears and life challenges or other obstacles. Plus help on writing craft, marketing, the publishing business, and any other advice or help I can give you. I am at your service!

→  Written Critique of up to 3,000 words of your fiction or nonfiction – either one excerpt or individual piece or two shorter pieces. This can be scheduled at any time during the coaching period, with one-week’s notice. My critiques point up the positive things in the manuscript that are working well, and any problem areas with specific suggestions.

→  Pre-coaching Questionnaire. I ask writers to complete a brief Q&A before our first coaching session. This saves time on the call so we can get cracking on the issues at hand. Writers usually find the Q&A helpful too – just thinking about the questions tends to focus the mind!

The Get Fired Up Coaching Package rate is $495, payable in advance either by check or by credit card via PayPal. Contact me by email and tell me why you are seeking coaching at this time.

Query Letter Review Package
I help authors whip their query letter to agents or editors into shape. Often authors with terrific manuscripts dread the marketing aspect of writing a query letter. They are writers, not sales people! Yet a convincing and professional query letter is vital as your first introduction to an agent or editor. A poor query letter risks turning agents off, so they never look at the manuscript itself. I help you refine your query letter so it presents your novel or memoir to the best effect.

With the Query Letter Review package, I critique your draft query and give suggestions on rewrites, with two rounds of feedback. (On the original draft and your subsequent revision.) I ask questions to elicit any info you’ve missed, and point out any major issues. We usually communicate via email, although sometimes I might suggest a quick phone call to discuss. Ultimately, it is up to you what you send to an agent or editor, after my feedback.

Note: If your draft query looks great as it is, I’ll tell you so and not charge anything. I only ever take clients on if I believe I can be of service to them.

The Query Letter Review Package rate is $395, payable in advance either by check or by credit card via PayPal. Contact me by email and paste your draft query letter into the body of the email. (In strict confidence, I never share your query contents or idea.) I must see the draft query before confirming and billing you, because I don’t know if I can help until I see it!

Don’t have a query letter draft? I am available to consult on your draft query with guidelines on how to write it, or I can even ghostwrite it for you. Email me to discuss. It helps us move along quicker if you tell me a bit about your manuscript and yourself as a writer.

In all cases I am usually scheduling work between a week to a month in advance. Contact me sooner rather than at the last minute, so I have time to book you in!

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