Sustainable House in Taos, NM

You are almost upon Peter and Maria Selzer’s house before you notice it, tucked down into the rocky landscape on the edge of a river canyon at the southwest end of Taos. The building so harmonizes with the environment that coyote tracks speckle the patio the snowy day I visit. A bobcat frequently visits, too, and Peter recently spotted a bighorn ram outside the floor-to-ceiling great-room windows.

Not only is the Selzer house set within a beautiful landscape, but it features innovative and sustainable design choices, along with a welcoming, cozy atmosphere. Read my article Settled in Taos for New Mexico Magazine and get a full glimpse into this gorgeous Taos home.

Taos House Tania Casselle photo

Insiders’ Guide to Albuquerque

Insiders Guide to AlbuquerqueInsiders’ Guide to Albuquerque (Globe Pequot) by Tania Casselle was a finalist in the 2011 New Mexico Book Awards, and won second place for a nonfiction book in the 2011 New Mexico Press Women Awards.

The 150,000 word first edition of Insiders’ Guide to Albuquerque gives the inside scoop on:

  • Albuquerque arts, attractions, and entertainment
  • Where to stay and where to eat in Albuquerque and the surrounding area, for all budgets
  • The best nightlife, shopping, activities for kids, and sports and outdoor leisure
  • Albuquerque history
  • Albuquerque relocation

25 Reasons to Love Taos (for New Mexico Magazine)

My first visit to Taos was during a road trip around the Old West, a world away from my home in bustling London. On my final day, I drove alone to the Río Grande Gorge Bridge, walked out to the very center, gazed into the river far below, and vowed out loud that I would return to Taos one day. “One day” turned out to be a couple of months later…

Read 25 Reasons to Love Taos in full, online at New Mexico Magazine, March 2013.

Get Involved for

My series of articles for Re:Discover included a Get Involved feature on giving back to the community.

Duke City citizens who come across a wounded baby mule deer in their backyard know exactly where to take it for first aid: Wildlife Rescue Inc. of New Mexico. Since desert, mountain and forest wilderness surround Albuquerque on all sides, wild animals often make their way into the metro area, to their own surprise, as well as the locals who find them…

→ Full Clip: Rescuing the Wild

See all articles for by Tania Casselle as part of this series on Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Profiles for

My series of articles for Re:Discover included these character profiles as part of the Albuquerque travel guide.

→ Full Clip: Following a Passion, Preserving a Legacy. When tinsmith Jason Younis y Delgado goes to work, he brings Albuquerque history alive.

→ Full Clip: Discovering the Call of the Wild. Albuquerque Wolf Whisperer Stephanie Kaylan left her L.A. life as a professional jazz pianist and studio musician to settle in the mountains. (“And I ain’t moving!”)

→ Full Clip: Inspired by Albuquerque’s Hidden Treasures. Performance poet Carlos Contreras secured his place in Albuquerque history as a member of the city’s winning 2005 National Poetry Slam team.

→ Full Clip: Historical Hospitality at The Spy House. Kara and Steve Grant run the bed-and-breakfast where an American sold atomic bomb secrets to the Soviets in one of New Mexico’s most notorious espionage cases.

Ruidoso Travel Feature (New Mexico Magazine)

Ramblin’ Round Ruidoso
15 Discoveries in New Mexico’s Year-Round Retreat
by Tania Casselle for New Mexico Magazine

First-time visitors to the friendly mountain resort of Ruidoso are often stunned by the dramatic beauty of the landscape surrounded by the Lincoln National Forest, with 12,000-foot Sierra Blanca, southern New Mexico’s highest peak, dominating the skyline.

That’s partly because Ruidoso flies under a lot of people’s radar, even though regular vacationers are intensely loyal—and probably don’t want too many people to know about it. Well, apologies to Ruidoso fans, but this charming town just has too much going for it to keep the secret.

→ Full Clip: Ruidoso travel feature online at New Mexico Magazine, June 2012

Taos Hum Column for Local Flavor Magazine

Meet the people who make Taos hum in my monthly profiles column for the Santa Fe magazine Local Flavor.

→  Clip: Author and filmmaker Allegra Huston and rafting guide Cisco Guevara of Los Rio River Runners (May 2012)
→  Clip: Chef Karen Todd
of the Dragonfly Cafe and Taos Pueblo photographer Bruce Gomez (June 2012)
→  Clip: Author Cherie Burns and artist/musician Frederick Aragon (July 2012)
→  Clip: Taos Pueblo artists Jeralyn Lujan-Lucero and jewelry designer Jacqueline Gala (Aug 2012)
→  ClipAuthor John Nichols and fishing guide Taylor Streit (Sept 2012)
→  ClipLiterary muse Dori Vinella
and balloon guide Ed Smith (Oct 2012 )

Santa Fe Guide for AOL Travel

My 9,000 word city guide to Santa Fe for AOL Travel covered Santa Fe hotels, restaurants, attractions, shopping, nightlife, history, neighborhoods, and transportation, plus recommended itineraries for stays from one day to a week.

Read sections at these links, from the July 2010 AOL Travel City Guide:

Santa Fe restaurants

→  Santa Fe hotels

→  Santa Fe nightlife

→  Santa Fe shopping

→  Best things to do in Santa Fe

→  Santa Fe: Getting there and transportation

→  Santa Fe history


Urban Farm Road Trip: Albuquerque

Urban Farm Road Trip: Albuquerque
by Tania Casselle for Urban Farm magazine

This Southwestern city draws on its agricultural roots and pioneer spirit to create a sustainable oasis in the desert.

As the largest city in New Mexico, Albuquerque has its fair share of strip malls and high tech industries, but it also enjoys a long history of families farming to sustain themselves. New visitors to the high desert often expect a barren landscape studded with cacti, and are pleasantly surprised by Albuquerque’s lush green band of bosque cottonwood forest snaking along the banks of the Rio Grande river. But while there are definite challenges in the more-than-a-mile-high city’s arid climate, today’s urban farmers in the Duke City continue the tradition of self-sufficiency.

My feature for Urban Farm magazine (Jan/Feb 2012) describes a thriving culture of backyard growing, beekeeping, backyard chickens, and community gardening, and the many organizations, festivals, and events for locals to tap into for support with their urban farming efforts.