Insiders’ Guide to Albuquerque

Insiders Guide to AlbuquerqueInsiders’ Guide to Albuquerque (Globe Pequot) by Tania Casselle was a finalist in the 2011 New Mexico Book Awards, and won second place for a nonfiction book in the 2011 New Mexico Press Women Awards.

The 150,000 word first edition of Insiders’ Guide to Albuquerque gives the inside scoop on:

  • Albuquerque arts, attractions, and entertainment
  • Where to stay and where to eat in Albuquerque and the surrounding area, for all budgets
  • The best nightlife, shopping, activities for kids, and sports and outdoor leisure
  • Albuquerque history
  • Albuquerque relocation

Reading with a Writer’s Eye: Clues on Craft (for Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market 2013)

Chapter in Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market 2013 (Writer’s Digest Books) by Tania Casselle.

“What’s your best tip for new writers?” That’s a question I’ve asked more than 50 authors in radio interviews, and they’re often quick to reply: “Read! Read a lot. Read with a writer’s eye.”

It’s advice that newer writers sometimes take with a grain of salt, perhaps suspecting that those already on the publishing ladder are just trying to sell more books. And even if we do take their advice, what does it mean to read with a writer’s eye? We don’t want to sound like someone else, we have our own voice and style. So how can reading other people’s work practically help with our own writing?

Chapter includes interviews with authors Pam Houston, Lisa Tucker, John Dufresne, John Nichols, Robin Romm, Tara Ison, Don Waters, Robert Wilder.

Don’t Take No for an Answer: Dealing with Rejection (for Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market 2012)

For Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market 2012 (Writer’s Digest Books) by Tania Casselle.

If you’re reading this book, you are no doubt all fired up to submit your fiction to the many great literary journals featured here, or to hit ‘send’ on queries for your novel. May the writing gods smile on you to receive an acceptance first time out, but if you’re in the writing game for any amount of time, sooner or later you’ll receive a heart-sinking “Sorry, this isn’t for us.”

As you rip up the letter and kick the nearest object that won’t kick back, THIS is the time to remember the real secret to publishing success: Only one thing differentiates between decent writers who are published, and decent writers who are not published, and that is perseverance. You can’t send one story to one journal and, if it’s rejected, throw your hands in the air and stop submitting. Well, you can of course, but then you’ll join the long line of other decent but unpublished writers who did the same thing. And to persevere on the writer’s path, you need to be able to handle rejection.

2,500 word chapter on how to deal with the dreaded rejection slip includes insights from an editor, a novelist, and a short fiction writer.

Harlot Red (Serpent’s Tail Press)

My fiction appears in Harlot Red, a collection of prize-winning stories, edited by Kate Pullinger and Carole Buchan. (Serpent’s Tail Press, 2002. Published in the U.K. and the U.S.)

Booklist said: “In Tania Casselle’s “Pat-a-Cake, Pat-a-Cake,” Robyn finds herself shocked into losing weight by the behavior of a lover but then mourns her past self, yearning for the time when “my flesh surged and swelled like the sea.” This is edgy fiction from both established and new writers.”

ELLE.COM said: “This galvanizing collection… emphasizes emotional complexity and stylistic innovation.