Insiders’ Guide to Albuquerque

Insiders Guide to AlbuquerqueInsiders’ Guide to Albuquerque (Globe Pequot) by Tania Casselle was a finalist in the 2011 New Mexico Book Awards, and won second place for a nonfiction book in the 2011 New Mexico Press Women Awards.

The 150,000 word first edition of Insiders’ Guide to Albuquerque gives the inside scoop on:

  • Albuquerque arts, attractions, and entertainment
  • Where to stay and where to eat in Albuquerque and the surrounding area, for all budgets
  • The best nightlife, shopping, activities for kids, and sports and outdoor leisure
  • Albuquerque history
  • Albuquerque relocation

25 Reasons to Love Taos (for New Mexico Magazine)

My first visit to Taos was during a road trip around the Old West, a world away from my home in bustling London. On my final day, I drove alone to the Río Grande Gorge Bridge, walked out to the very center, gazed into the river far below, and vowed out loud that I would return to Taos one day. “One day” turned out to be a couple of months later…

Read 25 Reasons to Love Taos in full, online at New Mexico Magazine, March 2013.

Profiles for

My series of articles for Re:Discover included these character profiles as part of the Albuquerque travel guide.

→ Full Clip: Following a Passion, Preserving a Legacy. When tinsmith Jason Younis y Delgado goes to work, he brings Albuquerque history alive.

→ Full Clip: Discovering the Call of the Wild. Albuquerque Wolf Whisperer Stephanie Kaylan left her L.A. life as a professional jazz pianist and studio musician to settle in the mountains. (“And I ain’t moving!”)

→ Full Clip: Inspired by Albuquerque’s Hidden Treasures. Performance poet Carlos Contreras secured his place in Albuquerque history as a member of the city’s winning 2005 National Poetry Slam team.

→ Full Clip: Historical Hospitality at The Spy House. Kara and Steve Grant run the bed-and-breakfast where an American sold atomic bomb secrets to the Soviets in one of New Mexico’s most notorious espionage cases.

Ruidoso Travel Feature (New Mexico Magazine)

Ramblin’ Round Ruidoso
15 Discoveries in New Mexico’s Year-Round Retreat
by Tania Casselle for New Mexico Magazine

First-time visitors to the friendly mountain resort of Ruidoso are often stunned by the dramatic beauty of the landscape surrounded by the Lincoln National Forest, with 12,000-foot Sierra Blanca, southern New Mexico’s highest peak, dominating the skyline.

That’s partly because Ruidoso flies under a lot of people’s radar, even though regular vacationers are intensely loyal—and probably don’t want too many people to know about it. Well, apologies to Ruidoso fans, but this charming town just has too much going for it to keep the secret.

→ Full Clip: Ruidoso travel feature online at New Mexico Magazine, June 2012

Santa Fe Guide for AOL Travel

My 9,000 word city guide to Santa Fe for AOL Travel covered Santa Fe hotels, restaurants, attractions, shopping, nightlife, history, neighborhoods, and transportation, plus recommended itineraries for stays from one day to a week.

Read sections at these links, from the July 2010 AOL Travel City Guide:

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→  Best things to do in Santa Fe

→  Santa Fe: Getting there and transportation

→  Santa Fe history


What’s New in Taos (for New Mexico Magazine)

What’s New in Taos: Traditions with a Twist
by Tania Casselle for New Mexico Magazine

A small town with a big mountain—and a personality to match—Taos always offers something out of the ordinary. Let’s see what’s cookin’.

Read What’s New in Taos in full, online at New Mexico Magazine, March 2012.

Score the City’s Coolest Fun for Free (for Albuquerque The Magazine)

Score the City’s Coolest Fun for Free

They say the best things in life are free. And, when they’re talking about Albuquerque, they’re certainly right. From magic workshops to museum days, from films to food, and even free books and bowling for kids, the city is full of bargains. Tania Casselle of Albuquerque on the Cheap gives the scoop on free (and nearly free) ways to have fun this summer.

My 2,000 word feature was for the Money issue of Albuquerque The Magazine, July 2012.


Albuquerque Road Trip

Albuquerque Family Road Trip
by Tania Casselle

After enduring the first part of a cold winter and with spring still around the corner, make a break for it and hit the road to the Duke City. The family that plays together, stays together, and Albuquerque has plenty to entertain everyone, from a rousing basketball game, to high-flying balloon adventures, or a quiet moonlight hike spotting wildlife in the bosque.

Check out our picks for February family fun, and because Albuquerque is reliably milder than Rio Grande regions farther north, you might just decide to stay on till the thaw. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Read the full Albuquerque Family Road Trip article to find out how to fight cabin fever with a weekend away. Assignment for Local Flavor magazine, February 2012.

Duke City Family Fun

Duke City Family Fun

Dinosaurs, snakes, sharks, amusement park thrills… this summer’s pick of kid-friendly Albuquerque destinations to help your family keep their cool, keep your bank account chilled out, and leave your brood thoroughly exhausted… I mean, entertained.

Read the full Duke City Family Fun feature on attractions and activities for kids at Local Flavor magazine, June 2010.