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My series of articles for Re:Discover included these character profiles as part of the Albuquerque travel guide.

→ Full Clip: Following a Passion, Preserving a Legacy. When tinsmith Jason Younis y Delgado goes to work, he brings Albuquerque history alive.

→ Full Clip: Discovering the Call of the Wild. Albuquerque Wolf Whisperer Stephanie Kaylan left her L.A. life as a professional jazz pianist and studio musician to settle in the mountains. (“And I ain’t moving!”)

→ Full Clip: Inspired by Albuquerque’s Hidden Treasures. Performance poet Carlos Contreras secured his place in Albuquerque history as a member of the city’s winning 2005 National Poetry Slam team.

→ Full Clip: Historical Hospitality at The Spy House. Kara and Steve Grant run the bed-and-breakfast where an American sold atomic bomb secrets to the Soviets in one of New Mexico’s most notorious espionage cases.

Taos Hum Column for Local Flavor Magazine

Meet the people who make Taos hum in my monthly profiles column for the Santa Fe magazine Local Flavor.

→  Clip: Author and filmmaker Allegra Huston and rafting guide Cisco Guevara of Los Rio River Runners (May 2012)
→  Clip: Chef Karen Todd
of the Dragonfly Cafe and Taos Pueblo photographer Bruce Gomez (June 2012)
→  Clip: Author Cherie Burns and artist/musician Frederick Aragon (July 2012)
→  Clip: Taos Pueblo artists Jeralyn Lujan-Lucero and jewelry designer Jacqueline Gala (Aug 2012)
→  ClipAuthor John Nichols and fishing guide Taylor Streit (Sept 2012)
→  ClipLiterary muse Dori Vinella
and balloon guide Ed Smith (Oct 2012 )

El Meze Restaurant in Taos

Moor Flavor

I’m sitting on the patio of the new El Meze restaurant in a historic hacienda under Taos Mountain. It’s sunset, the atmosphere is as mellow as my glass of Rioja. Waiters hush past carrying bowls of fried green olives stuffed with Spanish blue cheese, and steaming sopa verde piled high with mussels. Then chef Frederick Muller swings out of the kitchen, looking Matador sharp in his black chef coat, and shares a few words with each table. All I can say is: Welcome back Fred. It was worth waiting seven years for this.

Read the full PDF feature on El Meze and Chef Frederick Muller, formerly of Taos’ legendary Fred’s Place, and the Moorish influence on New Mexico’s cuisine.  For Local Flavor magazine.

This article won the New Mexico Press Women’s Award 2009 for Food Writing.



Fishing the Southwest

What’s Around the Next Bend?
Fishing the Southwest with fly fisherman Taylor Streit, a Legendary Guide in the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame.

“I always liked to fish, Streit says. “It’s a good way to get out of the house. The American male, at least in the generation I came from, is not licensed to go outside without some sort of instrument in your hands. You can’t just be a nature boy. You’ve gotta have a gun or a fishing rod.”

Full story at Local Flavor. This profile won the New Mexico Press Women’s 2011 Award for a Personality Profile.

From Seed to Plate: Cafe Pasqual’s Santa Fe

From Seed to Plate

When you’re dining in Cafe Pasqual’s this harvest season, play special attention to your veggies -they might be freshly picked by chef Katharine Kagel, whose big passion this summer is her vegetable garden. “It’s my pleasure, my play, my joy.”

Feature by Tania Casselle on Chef Katharine Kagel of Cafe Pasqual’s, Santa Fe.

New Mexico Business Weekly Special Editions

Profile of Manuel Lujan Agencies for the Healthiest Employers 2012 publication, spotlighting outstanding workplace wellness programs in New Mexico.

I contributed 45 profiles for the New Mexico Powerbook 2003, interviewing leading business and political figures, and young entrepreneurs for the ’40 under 40′ section.

Confessions of an Author: David Naylor on Design (for Local Flavor)

Confessions of an Author: David Naylor on Design – cover story by Tania Casselle for Local Flavor magazine, March 09 issue.

Interior designer David Naylor played hard to get for nearly two years before agreeing to write his book Old World Interiors: A Modern Interpretation. Mainly because the book that publisher Gibbs Smith wanted from him wasn’t the book Naylor wanted to write.

Read the full David Naylor on Design story in PDF.