Sustainable House in Taos, NM

You are almost upon Peter and Maria Selzer’s house before you notice it, tucked down into the rocky landscape on the edge of a river canyon at the southwest end of Taos. The building so harmonizes with the environment that coyote tracks speckle the patio the snowy day I visit. A bobcat frequently visits, too, and Peter recently spotted a bighorn ram outside the floor-to-ceiling great-room windows.

Not only is the Selzer house set within a beautiful landscape, but it features innovative and sustainable design choices, along with a welcoming, cozy atmosphere. Read my article Settled in Taos for New Mexico Magazine and get a full glimpse into this gorgeous Taos home.

Taos House Tania Casselle photo

Albuquerque: Big City Stylin’

Sequins and bell bottoms – do we hear disco, baby? In color, there’s a new purple reign, and gray is still the cool neutral.

Trend-lovers with more dash than cash can find plenty of budget-stretching ways to spark up the wardrobe: get an immediate style injection with a pinch of pattern and texture.

Read the full story in PDF for Local Flavor, November 2011.

Santa Fe Style Gurus

Santa Fe Spice

Santa Fe Style gurus gave us their fashion tips for the new season, and the jury is definitely in.

We’ve thrown away the concept of throw-away fashion in favor of a few wise buys to bring a new zing to the wardrobe. The big picture trend is for form-fitting silhouettes balanced with slouchy comfort, and it’s not tongue in chic to say that booties are kicking the catwalk.

Read the full story in PDF. Local Flavor, November 2011

Fashion Plus (for International Market News)

Queen Latifah: celebrating curves

Fashion Plus: American Women Demand Full-Figured Style

Whichever way you measure it, it’s clear that body sizes are increasing far beyond the fashion industry ideal of a model size 8, which begs the question of exactly what the term ‘plus-size’ apparel means when ‘plus’ becomes the norm and not the exception.

“I do not want to wear knit cardigans with seasonal motifs sewn down the front of the lapels,” says Lorena K. aged 30 of Iowa, a size 24 Lane Bryant fan. “I don’t look good with leaves or snowmen or cornucopias running down my plump front-side.”

Business feature on how fashion brands fit the market, and a straw poll of what curvy women really want.

(For International Market News)

Brands Branch Out (for Just Style)

Brands Branch Out

National Geographic, JCB, Jeep, Pepsi. We all know the brand names – and that’s what marketing maestros are counting on with a spate of new fashion lines that cash in on their parent product’s pedigree.

Article for the subscription-only international fashion and textiles industry site Read it in PDF here.

Boost Your Spex Appeal (for Total Fitness)

Just because summer is over, there’s no reason to leave your sunglasses at home.

Eye experts recommend shades as a year-round accessory to protect against UV damage, eye strain, and wrinkles. For once, it’s a joy to follow the doctor’s advice.

Eye health and sunglasses style trend feature for Bally Total Fitness magazine.

Feel-Good Fashion (for Bally Total Fitness)

Shirts that tell your heart rate, pants that may protect against skin cancer, peppermint-scented sportswear to boost energy, and pantyhose that keep your legs soft.

With the double-action fabrics now in store or on the radar screen for the future, fashion finally proves that it’s more than just skin deep.


A New Muse for London: Zandra Rhodes

A New Muse for London

Dubbed The Princess of Pinkness, fashion visionary Zandra Rhodes is famous for her flamboyant use of color, and London’s Fashion and Textile Museum stays true to her spirit.

Rhodes appointed prize-winning Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta to design a modernist building on the site of a former warehouse in Bermondsey Street, just a short walk from Tate Modern. It was Legorreta’s first European project, but as Rhodes points out: “There was no need to hold a pointless architectural competition. I immediately felt that here was an architect who created grandeur, but who could also create a museum that would not dominate or overwhelm its contents. The job in hand was to convince him.”

Convince him she did, and the Fashion and Textile Museum’s stunning pink and orange exterior injects a bright flame of color into the Dickensian backstreets.

(Museum report for International Textiles)