Boost Your Spex Appeal (for Total Fitness)

Just because summer is over, there’s no reason to leave your sunglasses at home.

Eye experts recommend shades as a year-round accessory to protect against UV damage, eye strain, and wrinkles. For once, it’s a joy to follow the doctor’s advice.

Eye health and sunglasses style trend feature for Bally Total Fitness magazine.

Feel-Good Fashion (for Bally Total Fitness)

Shirts that tell your heart rate, pants that may protect against skin cancer, peppermint-scented sportswear to boost energy, and pantyhose that keep your legs soft.

With the double-action fabrics now in store or on the radar screen for the future, fashion finally proves that it’s more than just skin deep.


The Art of Doing Nothing (for Bally Total Fitness)

The Art of Doing Nothing by Tania Casselle for Bally Total Fitness magazine.

One day of solo retreat can recharge the batteries, nourish your soul and send you back into the world with a fresh perspective.

“We all need to step outside the frame and look at the big picture periodically,” says Tim O’Brien, director for the Institute for Stress Management. “Taking a personal retreat gives you a way to look at where you’re headed. Do you like the direction of your life? If not, what changes should you make? It’s difficult to make good decisions if you don’t remove yourself from the normal routine.”

If you think you’re too busy to carve a whole day out of your schedule, think again.

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