Smart Homes (for Mix Future Interiors)

Smart Homes cover feature by Tania Casselle for Mix Future Interiors.

“Please pick up a pint of milk on your way home.” It’s not a text message from your partner, it’s from your fridge. As you step in the front door, your favorite music plays. The blinds sweep closed, the lights are low, except for the lights leading a path to the bedroom.

The house is at the temperature you like, and in the background you hear the bath filling. It’s still nothing to do with your partner; the romantic mood is set by your house, anticipating your every desire. The only thing your home can’t do is undress you and tuck you into bed. But give it time.

Smart homes, intelligent homes, digital homes, automated homes… there’s no single term for it yet, but we’re talking buildings with brains. Read the full feature in 628 KB PDF.

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