Something Old, Something New: Vintage Fashion (for U Magazine)

Something Old, Something New by Tania Casselle for U Magazine.

From red carpet to city street, vintage clothing is in demand, whether it’s Jennifer Aniston’s ‘70s Halston number at the Emmy’s, or a corporate guy’s sharp Rat Pack suit.

Authentic vintage has been boosted by modern designers, whose vintage-inspired collections sometimes make it hard to tell old from new. Vintage VIPS Penelope Cruz, Renee Zellweger and Sarah Jessica Parker add a celebrity seal of approval – after all, nobody’s going to call SJP a Second-Hand Rose when she sports a vintage Mickey Mouse T-shirt. And who can fault ‘Scissorhands’ Johnny Depp’s knack for snipping together vintage-inspired looks from across several decades? Let alone his fabulous fedoras.

“There used to be just a small group of loyal vintage-holics, who wore vintage whether it was trendy or not,” says Jim Smiley, of the eponymous Manhattan store. “Now celebrities wear it, everyone sees it in magazines and on TV, and they all want it.”

Full feature, plus tips on where and how to shop vintage, available for reprint.

The Art of Doing Nothing (for Bally Total Fitness)

The Art of Doing Nothing by Tania Casselle for Bally Total Fitness magazine.

One day of solo retreat can recharge the batteries, nourish your soul and send you back into the world with a fresh perspective.

“We all need to step outside the frame and look at the big picture periodically,” says Tim O’Brien, director for the Institute for Stress Management. “Taking a personal retreat gives you a way to look at where you’re headed. Do you like the direction of your life? If not, what changes should you make? It’s difficult to make good decisions if you don’t remove yourself from the normal routine.”

If you think you’re too busy to carve a whole day out of your schedule, think again.

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Roswell: Mysterious Beauty in New Mexico (for Latitudes)

If you believe the stories that made Roswell famous, visitors to this town have arrived from much farther away than any airport. But beyond Roswell’s reputation as an intergalactic portal to planet Earth, the city is a gateway to Southeastern New Mexico, offering desert-to-mountain landscapes and year-round leisure activities.

Read my full Mysterious Beauty in New Mexico travel feature for Latitudes, the inflight magazine of American Eagle airlines.

Grand Junction’s Wine Country (for Latitudes)

“If you forget everything you were ever told about wine, remember this,” says Bob Witham of Two Rivers Winery. “When wine comes in, secrets come out.”

Travel and wine feature by Tania Casselle on Grand Junction’s Wine Country, Colorado, for Latitudes, the inflight magazine of American Eagle airlines.  Full story at Latitudes